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Season 16 

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The World GT Championship was founded in 2017 with a vision to bring together the best iRacing GT3 drivers and racing teams from around the world. ​


We take pride in our role as promoters and organizers of the World GT Championship. Each season, we meticulously plan and execute a series of exhilarating events that form the backbone of this championship's calendar. These events serve as a thrilling showcase for the participants, allowing them to exhibit their expertise and racing prowess in a dynamic and ever-evolving environment.

The championship is a melting pot of experience and potential, attracting both seasoned professionals and promising newcomers alike. This unique blend of talent creates a competitive atmosphere, where established drivers can demonstrate their mastery of the sport while emerging talents can make their mark on the global stage. The WGTC provides a platform for these individuals to not only compete against each other but also learn from one another, fostering growth and development within the iRacing GT3 community.

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